The Priest Hole & The Port

I arrived in Woodbridge, Suffolk yesterday somewhat apprehensively. The reasons for my disconcertion were several-fold. Firstly, the pressure of work, even taking into account my reaffirmed acquaintance with the philosophies of Ferris Bueller. No office day in sight to prepare reports, a tough trip to Scotland next week and yet no more office time to … Continue reading The Priest Hole & The Port

Zargonian Zombie Horses & A Visit To The Physio

I understand that it is important to blog regularly if one is writing. It's been nearly a week so, having taken a break from writing some "proper sentences", here's my latest, newly minted tuppence worth..... I am still in the early stages of writing my first "proper" novel. I'm almost certainly going to finish it. … Continue reading Zargonian Zombie Horses & A Visit To The Physio