Who Is tdlawson70?

The observant reader should realise that I was born in 1970. At the time of writing this, that makes me a touch the wrong side of 25. And that’s not ever going to change.

I am a keen writer. So, I am trying to write about lots of different stuff. That’s the main reason I am here. I have always gained a lot of pleasure from writing and I am hopeful that I will at some point produce some sort of meaningful work.

I was actively discouraged from writing at school and then life took over. Well, I have put other hobbies and projects on hold for now just to see what I can come up with.

So, some background about me.

I am a boy. Well, an adult boy so, a man. I like sports, I like to read, I like binging on TV box sets and pizza. I also like to play chess and I write as well. I also drink. A lot. Well, more than a lot of people I know. This isn’t going to win me any friends in the Life Insurance Industry but then I have no dependents and no partner. At present. Hey, that might change…..

So, why write now? Well, I have the necessary life experience to write “stuff I know” and, through WordPress, I have the potential for an audience. Not that my facebook rants weren’t read by an audience of friends, but they did keep their own counsel. Secretly, 214 out of 215 friends have told me that they loved what I wrote. None of them has dared go public. I don’t blame them. The 215th was an 18 year old Russian who wanted to marry me. Or it could have been a South African with £42 million to transfer to the UK and if only I would give over my bank details, half would be mine. It doesn’t really matter. I’d have totally married the Russian and the South African wouldn’t have seen their half of the money. So, I guess Machiavellian might describe me accurately. Ish.

I’m going to stop now because you’re all bored of reading. If you read my blog posts (and, you know “like” or “comment”) then you might find out more about the enigma that is TDLawson70. But probably not.

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